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Services Available...

Trauma Resolve Hypnotherapy Session
This includes...
- An option for an online or in-person session.
- A one-hour pre-session consultation.
- Around 2 hours of Hypnosis, which can include, but is not limited to, past life regression, entity removal, chakra blockage removal, aura cleanse and Higherself guidance through your pre-prepared questions. 
- A high-quality edited video/audio of your experience to download and keep.

Price: £180 Subsequent Sessions: £100

Trauma Clearing
I had the pleasure of collaborating with David Ian Rodgers in 2021, where he generously shared his unique method for helping clients overcome deep-rooted trauma and negative thought patterns that contribute to both physical and mental disorders, as well as addictions. Today, I proudly employ this transformative technique to guide clients in unravelling the emotional knots that are energetically tethered to them.

This miraculous, but simple, technique works through the power of diaphragmatic breathing, I facilitate a process that brings forth the challenging emotions linked to past traumas. Together, we work to disentangle these emotions and memories from the core trauma, offering a pathway to lasting healing. Sessions typically span an hour but are not time-restricted, ensuring a comprehensive exploration and resolution of the issues at hand. To further support your journey, each session is complemented by a complimentary follow-up session.

Please note that these empowering sessions are exclusively conducted through Zoom or Skype for your convenience and privacy.

Price: £125

Reiki Healing Session
Available in-person or remotely. I have gained a certificate in Reiki 2, and I offer these sessions individually or as a block of three sessions. Block sessions are required to be used within a six-month period.
Individual session: £35
Three session booking: £90

The Dolores Cannon method, which I initially trained in, is still offered as part of my hypnotherapy for those who want to experience this fantastic regression method. However, these sessions are strictly offered in-person only and can't be provided online.
Price: £180 Subsequent Sessions: £100

Clinical Hypnotherapy
Using traditional hypnosis to resolve, but not limited to, addictions, anxiety, driving exam nerves/anxiety, weight gain/loss, phobias, relationship issues and many other contributing factors that keep us from being our best versions of ourselves. These sessions are shorter and may require a repeat session based on analysis. Sessions are around 1&1/2 to 2 hours long.
Price: £100 per session, 3rd Session is £50 if taken within 3 months of the initial session.

To go ahead and book a session with Iain, please go to Contact me.
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