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About Iain and his techniques...

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It all began with my eagerness to connect with people, to delve into the intricacies of human nature, and to explore the metaphysical aspects that life presents, including the hidden traumas that often lurk within.

In 2015, I embarked on a journey of learning and practicing the teachings of Dolores Cannon, using her regression method to trace back to the root causes of my clients' issues. Over time, I expanded my skills by incorporating various other hypnotherapy modalities, each providing a unique set of tools to address challenges that some modalities alone couldn't resolve. Today, I am a fully qualified and insured hypnotherapist and a Reiki practitioner at level 2.

More recently, I had the privilege of encountering the work of David Ian Rodgers, the remarkable Hayoka Empath. After experiencing a session with him, he generously shared his ancient Andean techniques infused with Buddhist wisdom, designed to facilitate the permanent clearing of trauma. Upon implementing this powerful method with some of my clients, I received overwhelmingly positive feedback. This technique involves asking simple questions that bring forth the negative emotions energetically attached to the client, ultimately clearing all trauma and its associated emotions and memories for good. I have incorporated this method as 'Trauma Clearing' into my list of therapeutic modalities.

As mentioned earlier, I also offer Reiki sessions. These sessions can be conducted in person or remotely, providing a flexible approach to healing.
When it comes to which modality you should choose, I am happy to discuss this in more detail over a free consultation. Also, please go to my "Services & cost" tab to help you decide. You may also want to reflect on the many positive testimonies that my wonderful clients have left on my "Testimonial & Comments" section, too.
My Training
Iain G. Beaton DHP Acc.Hyp.

Diploma in Hypnotherapy from Hypnotic World.

Member Of The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association

Certified Practitioner of QHHT®

Gained certificate of the Quantum Healing Academy

Certified practitioner of Introspective Hypnosis®
Certificate gained from Antonio Sangio
Certified Practitioner of Beyond Quantum Healing®
Certificate gained from Candace Craw-Goldman
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