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About Iain and his techniques...

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When it comes to which modality you should choose, I am happy to discuss this in more detail over a free consultation. Also, please go to my "Services & cost" tab to help you decide. You may also want to reflect on the many positive testimonies that my wonderful clients have left on my "Testimonial & Comments" section, too.
It all began for me with a willingness to connect to people, to understand human nature and dig deep into some of the metaphysical topics life throws at you and explore the traumas that hide in there too. 
I started back in 2015 learning and practising the work of Dolores Cannon using her method of regression to go back to the source of the issues my clients would want to be resolved. Since then, I have done various other modalities of hypnotherapy that offer various tools to overcome what some modalities could not achieve. I am now a fully qualified and insured hypnotherapist and Reiki practitioner level 2.

More recently, I stumbled over the work of David Ian Rodgers- the amazing Hayoka Empath. After fulfilling a session with him, he was kind enough to pass on his ancient Andean method mixed with Buddist teachings to help clear trauma for good. After trialling this rapid technique on some of my clients, I got outstanding feedback! I now use this technique, which is using simple questions to bring up the bad feelings that are energetically attached to the client, to clear all trauma, and the associated bad feelings and memories to the trauma, for good. I have packaged this as Trauma Clearing in my list of modalities

As mentioned above, I offer Reiki sessions, too. These sessions are provided free with a condition of an energy exchange of your choice; this can be a service you provide or a donation at your discretion.

My Training
Iain G. Beaton DHP Acc.Hyp.

Diploma in Hypnotherapy from Hypnotic World.

Member Of The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioners Association

Certified Practitioner of QHHT®

Gained certificate of the Quantum Healing Academy

Certified practitioner of Introspective Hypnosis®
Certificate gained from Antonio Sangio
Certified Practitioner of Beyond Quantum Healing®
Certificate gained from Candace Craw-Goldman
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